Floral Accent


Floral Accent

The arrival of warmer days means the return of fresh, colourful prints; the must-haves in women's spring-summer fashion. Floral prints are popping up again and are revisited in every shape and shade. It's impossible not to notice this always-popular trend. Romantic and flamboyant, a floral print suits all styles and is perfect for any occasion. They bring a dose of happiness and are a playful nod to the beauty of nature.

Small or big, floral prints can be depicted in every stage of bloom: from blossoming bud to full bouquets. Yet, flowers do not always mean flattery! One must choose a print carefully and know how to wear it. Each person has their own shape, personal taste and level of daring. Any silhouette will find balance by playing with the size of a floral print. One needn’t be covered in florals from head to toe to be in style. Every trend does have its limits!

Start with a top or blouse that can be easily paired with solid-coloured pants, skirts or even jeans, to create a more casual look. A floral-print blazer is a versatile and original way to introduce florals into your wardrobe.
When pairing a floral print with other clothing, refer to the background colour of the pattern. Opting for tone-on-tone is a simple way to avoid overkill or a clashing of colours. Simplicity will always enhance the uniqueness of the print.

Practice makes perfect, so have fun mixing your new floral pieces with your current wardrobe for a unique look that embraces your personal style.

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