Jeans in all their glory

Nowadays, jeans are suitable for any occasion and for all body types. Comfortable, practical and versatile, denim is no longer limited to trousers and can be easily combined with a multitude of garments according to your needs and imagination: shirts, shorts, dresses, jackets... Beyond the trends, jeans have become a fashion must-have.

The term "jeans" first appeared in the early 1800s, but its real history began in 1853 in San Francisco when Levi Strauss introduced the famous serge de Nîmes fabric to the United States. It was from this fabric that the first pair of jeans were cut. Twenty years later, Levi Strauss and a tailor were given the patent to produce jeans and as we all know, they were and still are a resounding success!
Initially conceived as workwear, jeans became popular for everyday in the mid-1950s and have long since found their way into every wardrobe.

For spring 2022, jeans are going all out. No more skinny jeans? Don't worry, they are still here, but new styles are flirting with different cuts and silhouettes. Say hello to even straighter, wider, or more amply-flared legs; often finished with raw hems or turned up with large contrasting cuffs.
Not only for tall women: wide-leg jeans, contrary to popular belief, suit all body types. One must only play with length and volume to find just the right balance to benefit one’s figure. Wear them with a more fitted top or an oversized sweater. The right shoes will also help balance and ground the look. Dare to wear, and you will be happily surprised!
Even though the high-waisted jean is still predominant this season, the uniqueness of jeans is that they are not limited to their cut. Whether they are split on the sides, or the front, fringed, with ripped hems, with embroidery or contrasting seams, it's all about the finish. 

Style is in the details.

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