As with its new collections, the Ofélia team travels around Europe and North America to experience and share its favourite looks and locations of choice.


Le Marly

In the shadow of the Louvre’s arcades in Paris, the Café Marly has over time become a must for us – chockfull of unforgettable images and encounters. Revisiting Paris, discovering the new Anne Fontaine collection, soaking in the day at the Marly while enjoying a simple, but fully mastered menu: total bliss, simply put.


Cerisio 7

Luxury, leisure, delight. In a nutshell, that’s what Cerisio 7 evokes, from its superb vantage point overlooking mythical Milan. Here in panoramic mode, two pools, one bar and one breathtaking view of Milan’s skyline. An Aperol Spritz in hand, a head full of ideas to bring back to the boutiques, friendly conversations and a menu brimming with the flavours of Italy round out this fabulous tableau.

Fondazione Prada

This exhibition space has become a global benchmark. The Fondazione Prada, designed by architect Rem Koolhaas, delivers an overall experience that is both harmonious and complex. Unveiled in the spring of 2018, the glass and white concrete-made Torre tower consists of nine levels, topped by a terrace that features a bar. Discovering a city’s spirit by way of contemporary art enriches our travels.
Fondazione Prada


Le Mélisse

The Mélisse restaurant is an Old Montreal gem. Ideal for every occasion, from a coffee between friends to a morning meeting. It’s also the healthy option for a business lunch or the idle pleasures of a happy hour that extends into the night. The cuisine, just like the wine list, is impeccable. One of the city’s most gorgeous spaces, which quickly became the Ofélia team’s unofficial headquarters.